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Exclusive. Elegant. Durable

Plastic cards can come in handy for a plethora of uses. Be it for calendar cards, directories, VIP cards, membership cards, promotional cards, fundraising cards, or a range of other applications - Plastic Cards have you covered. Use high quality plastic cards to make your message more interesting and convey it effectively.

Features in this category

White PlasticIt's the perfect, durable material to withstand the test of time. Having a white background, it provides a great base for colors to stand out.
Frosted PlasticAstonish the recipient with something unique. This material is semi-clear giving you a great playing field for creative ideas.
Clear PlasticElegant and impressive, the Clear look gives your finished product the sense of fresh minimalism and adapts to the surrounding areas in which it is being viewed.
Round CornersThe soothing feel of round corners gives your product an edge for an exquisite look. You may choose to round two or four corners and select radius size.